So the agency had a significant milestone this year, turning ten years old!

We planned to have a host of events and a party but global events overtook us somewhat.

Still, we couldn’t let the anniversary totally pass us by, so we enlisted the help of rap battle star Shuffle T  to look back at just a few of our best bits…

When Vanessa and I set up the agency we wanted to focus on one clear thing, making a (Smoking Gun) difference. This applied equally to client’s business metrics, not just vanity measures, (banning AVE years before the CIPR did),  developing our people and improving society through our charitable giving, pledging to give-away a share of profit every year.

We’re extremely proud to have had so much success with all three areas over the years.

We couldn’t have done any of it without the trust, support and loyalty of our clients. Many of whom we’ve worked for again and again in various roles. Our staff roster is equally important in sharing and delivering on our vision and we’re blessed to have been chosen by dozens of colleagues who trusted us to create a fantastic work environment for them to work and thrive in. So thanks to them too for everything they’ve done over the years, we thank and salute you all! 

We’re a sociable bunch, like to get involved in supporting the industry, engaging with freelancers, advisors and NEDS, plus enjoy working closely with other likeminded agencies. There’s too many friends to name here but thank you one and all for every new business lead, word of advice, kind word or honest brutality when required. You’ve helped us to stay positive and on track no matter what’s happened at work or at home.

Here’s to the next ten years, we can’t wait to see where we end up!

Love and best wishes,

Rick & Vanessa   

Ps I could pretend that this page is purposefully MVP (minimum viable product) but the truth is our own marketing always comes a long way behind the day job. I may get around to making this page look amazing with picture galleries of all we’ve achieved, but more likely we’ll be  tied up dreaming up ideas for our next campaign, or measuring what really matters for clients. I trust you’ll forgive me?