July 2019 at Smoking Gun HQ

Smoking Gun

Roof terrace BBQs, sausages causing a media sizzle, prestigious award shortlists, client training, one of the world’s leading social media companies visiting our office and the air con turned up to 11. In a word, mid-summer at Smoking Gun is hot stuff. 

Not least thanks to our latest reasons to celebrate, with two major award panels putting us forward for commendations later this year. First up, CIPR PRide has again ranked us in the best of the best, including us in the nominees for Best Use of Media Relations and Outstanding Public Relations Consultancy. 

Bigger still, on our first year entering, the PR Week Awards has tipped its hat at our efforts, including our agency in the list of contenders for Best Use of Planning, Strategy and Evaluation.

The same highly respected national trade publication also ran a story based on our analysis of the Heck sausage-Boris scandal. Despite many media titles reporting on the potential brand crisis unfolding after our new PR visited the company, we proved why our team comprises some of the finest analytical comms minds by arguing things are actually far less catastrophic than the tweets implied. And to see what we think of the UK’s new leader— and his branding prowess— read this

As ever, knowledge-building has been high on the agenda. This month we’ve had staff members at Brighton SEO, PRCA World of Media event, Twitter reps in our headquarters upskilling staff, and attending lessons in motivation and influencing. Always ready to give something back, in return we’ve mentored comms teams from leading charities pro bono, and helped Bromak on its brand positioning and future communication strategy through in-depth  workshops. 

Those who missed the heatwave were clearly overseas or stuck in a cold storage unit, the temperatures peaking at 34C here in Manchester. Our client Silentnight certainly knew it was happening, given the rate of national news hits we secured off the back of this great British roasting and the resulting nationwide insomnia epidemic. Not that exhaustion held us back from running our own Growth Sprints—you’re sure to see the outputs of these agency marketing efforts soon. On that note, it’s probably time for a quick shower before getting back to business as usual.


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