Social media for business: Twitter unveils new Agency Resources

Twitter has unveiled a new online offering designed to help brands and agencies get the most out of the network in its latest social media for business push.
Agency Resources is a new are of the website aimed directly at business users, and has tools spanning decks, research and campaign management functions, the aim being to help companies exploit the full potential of Twitter for marketing, advertising, and PR campaigns.
Here’s what’s on offer:
*Client friendly materials available to download- Infographics, research numbers and other stats are provided for free, showing everything from current key Twitter storylines to video viewing figures, insights on how Millennials use Twitter, to events scheduled to utilise the platform in any given month.
*One-sheeters and quarterly decks- Expert walkthrough guides on how to use the various Twitter products in the best possible way, including Moments, Video, and Awareness.
*Best practice tips on advertising- From advice on how to fully exploit Twitter’s ad offering, to tip tups for writing engaging advertising copy for the network.
*Twitter Business Outlook blog- A consistently updated blog containing all the news, changes, and developments on Twitter that businesses need to know.
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All of which is really just scratching the surface- we recommend you take a look and familiarise yourself with this area of the site as there’s a chance you may want to bookmark it for ongoing reference.
The move has come at a time when Twitter’s financial health has seen better days, with disappointing (if not alarming) advertising numbers doing the rounds this year, continuing the popular rumour that the network is on the verge of death. We couldn’t agree less- our honest hope is that there’s plenty of life left in the old 14- character dog yet- but clearly this fresh arsenal is aimed at trying to bolster its offering with business users, which are likely to consider spending some money amplifying their presence.

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