Social media tops leaderboard, hit-wise

Experian, a leading competitive information agency, has revealed the UK’s Top 10 most searched for brands online, and favourite web-based activity. The results, unsurprisingly, bolster the notion that the ‘social age’ has arrived.
As a PR firm with a social media and interactive focus this obviously interests us enormously, and we’re pretty sure you’ll raise an eyebrow too. So, here are the facts… In 2010 Facebook accounted for a staggering 3.5 per cent of all British queries on Google, Yahoo! and Bing.
Take into account spelling inaccuracies, and abbreviations (such as ‘FB’), and this figure jumps to roughly 6 per cent. When you consider how many times people use a search engine, well, we need add no more. Except, of course, to show what the final league table looks like:
As promised, that’s not the only news. According to the same statisticians, during January 2011 12.4 per cent of all UK internet visits resulted in a social media destination. In total the study monitored a rather mind-blowing 9,000 social networks, which collectively received an unbelievable 2.4 billion visits during the first 31 days of this year. For more details, take a look at the Experian Hitwise report, Carpe diem- Seizing the moment in social media.
Image (C) Benstein