The Apple Gets Bigger

It’s a brand built on quality. So when the rumour mill suggested Apple could move to buy Facebook, this Manchester based PR firm specialising in social media was intrigued.
The first Macintosh Operating System launched in the early 1980s, with the excellent Ridley Scott advert (below). Since then there’s always been a perception that any product carrying the eponymous logo is a cut the rest. It’s unsurprising, then, to hear that Standards & Poor- the global ratings agency- have classified said technology manufacturer as the second most valuable company on Earth. It’s a fact that makes it easier to understand how Apple can afford to go on a $51 billion spending spree, as the world’s economy continues to struggle.
Like many PR firms and marketing agencies we’ve got a room full of iMacs and MacBook Pros. We love how they work, almost as much as the way they don’t break very often. So we’re interested to see what might happen if Silicone Valley’s trendiest firm snaps up the most popular social network on the planet, valued at a cool $35-$40 billion.