The Blagger's Blog 11th September 2015


Quote of the week

“By the time I was completely stoned, I felt utterly bereft.” Channel 4 news legend and all round media big gun Jon Snow, commenting on the time he tried, and did not enjoy, smoking cannabis.

Weekly High

On a lighter note than our last instalment, this week we’ve fallen in love with A-dam Underwear’s new advert, If You’ve Got Balls. Highlights include driving an ‘electric car’ (dodgem) to work, testing the durability of boxer shorts by sitting in a car whilst a bulldozer drives over it, and harvesting cotton in a woodchipper. Fine work.

Weekly Low

Currently in the running for ‘what the hell were you thinking of the year’, Australia’s Coal Lobby decided to make a short video entitled ‘Coal. It’s An Amazing Thing’. Unfortunately the last thing they expected was widespread mockery on social media, not least given the fact that climate change has reared its ugly head again this week via catastrophic storms and floods in Japan. Talk about timing.

Stories To Keep An Eye On

Jeremy Corbyn is expected to win the Labour leadership election on Saturday.

ITV and Sky have seen significant increases in TV advertising sales in the first half of this year.

Some 200million WhatsApp users could be exposed to the malware risk that was exposed recently.

Just In Case You Missed It

Yesterday we decided to get familiar with Facebook’s new Instagram advertising opportunities. Here’s what we think of the offering.