The Blagger's Blog 21st September 2012

A weekly roundup of talking points, sans effort

Thought for the week

“We thought we’d seen banking at its lowest point when the public were forced to bail out the banks but since then we’ve seen the Libor rate-rigging scandal and continued mis-selling. All the while the bankers who presided over corruption continue to enjoy hugely inflated pay and bonuses.” Which? Executive Direcotr Richard Lloyd on the ongoing banking scandals.

Worth the paper it’s printed on?

Light news success stories in the papers this week included…
…Chris Moyles finishing his time at Radio 1 with a final breakfast show, as reported in 30 articles, far more than the 4 that reported on France’s riches man suing Liberation for an apparently insulting headline…
…Rihanna and Chris Brown’s new tattoos, which weren’t linked but nevertheless appeared in 12 stories, whereas only 2 featured the Guantanamo Bay inmate who died whilst incarcerated…
…and, finally, Strictly Come Dancing begins, again, as per 96 pieces, far more than the 8 looking at Russian Prime Minister Medvedev’s branding of the two-year Pussy Riot sentence as ‘counterproductive’.
(Source: Journalisted)

Weekly high

Following the ‘darkest day’ in the force’s history, the British public takes to Twitter, voicing support and condolences to Greater Manchester Police, along with the family and friends of two officers murdered whilst on duty earlier this week.

Weekly low

With the U.S. Presidential Election campaign heating up it’s safe to say this video, first made public via the American website Mother Jones, isn’t the kind of thing Republican candidate Mitt Romney wanted people to see. 47 per cent of his countrymean, apparently, don’t matter to the hopeful politician. Oh dear, #prfail.

Three things that may happen next week…

Birmingham will see the arrival of the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards arrive to meet and consult with consumers and SMEs on their experiences of the financial sector, members of the Open Government Partnership, including the U.K., U.S.A, Brazil, and Indonesia, will mark 12 months of policy transparency, citizen empowerment, and wars on corruption. Oh, and the British director of public prosecutions will begin work on new guidelines for criminal proceedings based on social media comments following Daniel Thomas escapes prosecution for a homophobic slur.

Dates for your diary

Thursday 27th September, Manchester- Northern Soho @ TBC; Latest meeting for the North’s creative community designed to inspire progress and innovation in the industries.
Thursday 27th September, Manchester- SheSays @ The Studio; The global group for creative women descends on Manchester to engage with fantastic females working in the region.
Friday 28th September, Manchester- James O’Connell X Anonymous Mag @ 2022NQ; Exhibition showcasing a stunning collection of illustrations and typography.
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