The Blagger's Blog 22nd July 2011

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Worth the paper it’s printed on?
Last week there were…
…81 articles published on the newest Beckham, Harper Seven, but only 34 reported on the rush hour bomb that exploded in Mumbai, killing 17 and injuring 131…
…45 stories on Tom Pellereau winning the opportunity to become Lord Alan Sugar’s Apprentice, yet new European fishing regulations only made it into 22 pieces…
…and 49 articles looked at Mr and Mrs Weir, the couple that bagged £161million on the EuroMillions, while Charlie Gilmour, son of Pink Floyd’s guitarist, was jailed for 16 months following student protests and only appeared in 32 stories.
(Source: Journalisted)
Weekly high:
Weetabix fills you up, and gets you ready for anything, as the latest advert goes to show. We are given an insight into four ‘big days’ from the perspective of school age son, office bound dad, maternal mum, and, funniest of all, mischievous infant.
Weekly low:
Mail Online and the Sun Online are found to be in contempt of court after publishing an image of a man holding a gun during his murder trial. Both must pay £15,000, plus fees, with the judge labelling the action a mistake.
Battle of the Tweets: Manchester vs London vs Edinburgh
Top Manchester #tags (seven days to 21/7/2011)

#mufc #mcfc

#hackgate #apprentice

#theapprentice #1waytopissmeoff

#notw #murdoch

#win #apprenticefinal

This week sees two clear winners from Cottonopolis’ most popular keywords, with Rupert Murdoch’s ongoing nightmare only appearing to gather momentum, while the BBC’s hugely entertaining series, The Apprentice, finally reaches its climax.
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Top London #tags (seven days to 21/7/2011)

#hackgate   #notw

#apprentice #murdoch

#hacking #1waytopissmeoff

#theapprentice #whendiditbecomecool

#lifewaseasybefore #yousayyougotswag

The south tells a similar story to the north, with phone hacking, police bribery and Mr Sugar’s new assistant the key subjects on everybody’s lips. Oh, and a few people seem to be suggesting that complications come with modernity.
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Top Edinburgh #tags (seven days to 21/7/2011)

#hackgate                #apprentice

#notw #edinburgh

#murdoch #theapprentice

#apprenticefinal #bbcapprentice

#hacking   #splat

So Scotland’s capital has more civic pride than the two biggest economical cities in England, though the populations of all three seem to have a similar agenda. That’s more media scandal, and more business based reality TV talk then.
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