The Blagger's Blog 25th September 2015

A weekly roundup of media news, sans effort


Quote of the week

“You’re basically writing copy for a brand, is what you’re doing.??? So-called Queen of the Mommy Bloggers, Heather Armstrong, discussing the world of blogging and why she’s leaving the online realm.

Weekly High

Ever wondered just how intimidating New Zealand’s All Blacks are when they perform the haka? Well, wonder no more. The team’s sponsor has marked the arrival of the Rugby World Cup by creating an app that allows mobile users to get a 360-degree, on-the-field view of said ritual.


Weekly Low

Proof that Charlie Brooker’s critically-acclaimed series, Black Mirror, successfully predicted the future (well…) emerged this week when the world woke up to the story that David Cameron had once engaged in questionable activities with a dead pig in some bizarre Bullingdon Club rite of passage. Irrespective of how talented his publicists are, whenever you see his face, or indeed a pork sausage, there’s a chance this scandal will spring to mind.



Stories To Keep An Eye On

The UK government is considering privatising Channel 4, which is currently commercially funded but publicly owned.

NME, one of the biggest brands in music journalism, has decided to remove its cover charge and become free to pick up after ongoing readership and circulation falls.