The Blagger's Blog 26th August 2011

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Worth the paper it’s printed on?

Last week there were…

… 95 articles printed on the appearance of Irish twins Jedward in the Celebrity Big Brother house, while a fatal shark attack in the Seychelles was featured in 86 stories…

… 66 pieces were published on new X Factor judge, former Destiny’s Child Kelly Rowland, yet the Taliban bomb that killed ten at the British Council in Kabul grabbed just 56 headlines…

… and finally, when legendary rockers AC/DC launched their own brand of wine 12 articles ran, but just 11 were written when Turkey began bombing Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq.

(Source: Journalisted)

Weekly high:

In a display of coding that, to non-techies, will be infinitely impressive, Orangina’s latest campaign, Show Your Originals, takes the form of a pretty clever Facebook app. Like the company page, then connect with your personal information. Now the history of your actions will be scoured, and you’ll receive a list of the ten friends that first interacted with you through wall posts, likes and more. It’s a pretty interesting idea, so click here to have a go yourself.

Weekly low:

News emerged this week suggesting that Andy Coulson may have broken House of Commons rules by not declaring payments and benefits, including a company car, health insurance, and severance payments received from News International up to three months after he joined David Cameron’s office as the scandal surrounding Rupert Murdoch’s weakening media empire continues to deepen.

Battle of the tweets: Manchester vs London vs Bristol

Top Manchester #tags (seven days to 25/8/2011)

#mufc #mcfc

#xfactor #cbb

#icanhonestlysay #manchester

Two major events are dominating the tweets of Mancunians the city over. Firstly X Factor is back, with a new judge, and even more misguided wannabee popstars just crying out for viewers with a sardonic sense of humour to notice them. Then Celebrity Big Brother has returned to our screens as Channel 5 bids to claw back lost viewers and Britain’s most-successful reality TV show attempts a revival.

One to watch: mpoppel (Michael Van Poppel – Founder of BNO news and Breaking News; 13,747 followers / 40,633 updates

Top London #tags (seven days to 25/8/2011)

#xfactor #icanhonestlysay

#mufc     #cbb

#worstfeeling #tripoli

As up north those in Britain’s capital city have Celebrity Big Brother and a certain talent show on their minds. There are, however, more serious matters to address, and no we don’t just mean a load of people delivering the truth, whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Because as Gaddafi’s regime approaches complete collapse and the revolution arrives in Tripoli more than a few people have been talking about the Libyan situation.

One to watch: danwootton (Dan Wootton – Showbiz journalist and commentator; 111,123 followers / 20,444 updates

Top Bristol #tags (seven days to 25/8/2011)

#bristol #xfactor

#seenoevil #cbb

#motd #mufc


It just goes to show wherever you are in the country Manchester United will have a fanbase, what with the team trending 139 miles south in Bristol. Other than that as with everywhere else in the UK two TV shows are dominant, while one particular chain of restaurants is offering one lucky winner a £40 meal simply for re-tweeting the competition. And with so people many vying to become the dinner winner we’d say it’s a decent example of social marketing.

One to watch: winematcher (Fiona Beckett – Guardian wine columnist and multiple blogger; 8,057 followers / 5,746 updates)

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