The Blagger's Blog 27th January 2012

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Worth the paper it’s printed on?

Last week’s light news success stories included…
… Celebrity Big Brother again, with 92 articles reporting on the series dominating UK audiences, just a few more than the 88 that reported on Wikipedia temporarily closing down amid piracy fears…
…and Amanda Holden wearing heels whilst pregnant, the crux of eight stories, the same number that covered the fall of Tom Harris, an ex-Scottish Labour MP (see below).
(Source: Journalisted)

Weekly high

Scandinavian Airlines have a been responsible for several successful interactive, social media, and digital campaigns over the years. The company’s ‘Couple Up to Buckle Up’ QR initiative is no different, as this typically smooth case study video from the firm confirms…

Weekly low(s)

Tom Harris resigns from his post as Scottish Labour MP after creating a spoof video comparing First Minister Alex Salmond to Adolf Hitler in another one of those Downfall based clips. The result means the internet is now full of reactionary work such as this…

…meanwhile the private sector ensured we had to include two cock ups for the price of one this week, as McDonalds launched a Twitter campaign inviting people to share their #McDStories but instead received jibes, abuse, and the following PFSK headline. Fail.

Battle of the tweets: Manchester vs London vs Sheffield

Top Manchester #tags (seven days to 26/1/2012)

#mcfc #mufc

#cbb #lfc

#30thingsaboutme #manchester

#youknowyouredrunkwhen #thingsicantstand

#supersunday #takemeout

The last week of January has played out much like the rest of the month in Manchester- quietly. That is, of course, apart from the city’s two Premier League teams both beating London sides, in the capital no less.
One to watch: gemsmaquillage (Gemma – You Tuber/blogger on makeup and beauty; 12,773 followers / 27,744 updates)
Top London #tags (seven days to 26/1/2012)

#cbb #30thingsaboutme

#lfc #arsenal

#mufc #mcfc

#afc #youknowyourdrunkwhen

#thingsicantstand #takemeout

Understandably Arsenal (and no doubt Tottenham) fans have been Tweeting about the weekend’s double loss against Manchester’s big two, elsewhere Take Me Out and Celebrity Big Brother are high on the agenda, while others reveal personal secrets. No change there then.
One to watch: sbtvonline (SB TV Online- The UK’s leading youth broadcaster; 61,264 followers / 52,697 updates)
Top Sheffield #tags (seven days to 26/1/2012)

#cbb #swfc

#30thingsaboutme #sufc

#youknowyouredrunkwhen #ntas

#takemeout #mcfc

#sheffield #127hours

Both Sheffield teams are enjoying good times too, albeit in League One (United and Wednesday). Aside from that the recent screening of 127 Hours, a film about a guy stuck in a rocky crevice with his arm trapped under a boulder, also seems to have made an impression.

One to watch: swfc (Sheffield Wednesday FC- Official Twitter profile for the football team; 16,115 followers / 10,892 updates)
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