The Blagger's Blog 2nd September 2011

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Worth the paper it’s printed on?

Last week there were…

… 20 stories published on the rumour that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett could divorce, the same amount of coverage as was afforded the Mexican casino set alight in an arson attack that killed 50…

… Amanda Holden announced her pregnancy and 20 articles ran, whereas Hamas and Israel agreed a Gaza ceasefire and no more than 15 headlines were made…

… and finally, when Tracey Emin’s neon artwork was put on display inside 10 Downing Street 12 stories appeared, but the Syrian political cartoonist who had his hands broken and was left for dead after being abducted made it into just 10 pieces.

(Source: Journalisted)

Weekly high

Technology giant Intel is challenging You Tube viewers to link their Facebook accounts with this promotional video turned app turned action mini-feature. As with any situation where you start off in a high class hotel and wind up parachuting from the roof details are scarce, but let’s just say you’re given an envelope, then have to evade two guys, so you need to keep those wits about you to pick locks and control machine guns. Trailer below, play the game here.

Weekly low

It’s understandable that those working to help improve the public image of multinational corporations have a pretty stressful job, not least when their role focuses on a company with interests in oil. BP didn’t have a great PR time in 2010, with the Gulf of Mexico oil spill still hanging heavy on its reputation. Now a security guard working for the firm in Alaska has killed an endangered polar bear, and the response from press and public hasn’t been too positive.

Battle of the tweets: Manchester vs London vs Mumbai

Top Manchester #tags (seven days to 1/9/2011)

#mufc #mcfc

#deadlineday #transferdeadlineday

#20peopleidmarry #ssn

#bbcfootball #afc

#arsenal #lfc

The city that eats, sleeps and, er, breathes football almost comes away with a clean sheet this week, as nearly all of Manchester’s top trends revolve around the beautiful game. So that’s the transfer deadline, Sky Sports News, BBC Football (though surprisingly not Match Of The Day) and, of course, the town’s two main teams, with Man United’s thrashing of Arsenal last weekend adding fuel to the usual fires.

One to watch: nickcoppack (Nick Coppack- journalist based at Old Trafford; 17,984 followers / 11,290 updates)

Top London #tags (seven days to 1/9/2011)

#deadlineday #arsenal

#afc #lfc

#20peopleidmarry #ssn

#waystopissmeoff #mufc

#bbcfootball #vma

While still football focused this week’s tweets have been a little more varied in London, what with the MTV Video Music Awards also trending, no doubt in part thanks to the Amy Winehouse tributes that came pouring in at the ceremony on Sunday night from faces like Russell Brand and Bruno Mars. Elsewhere #20peopleidmarry doesn’t seem to leave enough characters for people to do a good job of it, but don’t ask us, we’re just observing.
One to watch: blogginjoe (Blogging Joe- Specialist in online advertising via viral network marketing; 108,273 followers / 41,397 updates)

Top Mumbai #tags (seven days to 1/9/2011)

#anything4jetta #arsenal

#bodyguard #unsaidquotes

#mumbai #deadlineday

#mumbairains #t20

#agneepath #indvseng

Those in the home of Bollywood and India’s richest city also have had the football transfer #deadlineday on their collective minds, though understandably there are other urgent matters. On Saturday August 27th heavy rain began to fall, and by Tuesday a number of people had been killed as a result of mudslides, with other being trapped by flood waters, while public transport also fell foul of the extreme weather conditions.
One to watch: missmalini (Miss Malini- Celebrity blogger, radio DJ, gossip girl; 19,025 followers / 22,900 updates)

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