The Blagger's Blog 7th July 2011

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Worth the paper it’s printed on?
Last week there were…
…59 articles published on Carolyn Bourne, the so called nightmare mother-in-law, but just 44 on a Taliban suicide attack and hotel siege in which eleven were killed…
…44 articles on the £1million Kate Moss spent on getting married, yet only 14 about the drought and famine spreading through the Horn of Africa…
…and 133 articles concerning the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Canada, while no more than 35 articles dealt with the sister of former Thai PM Thaksin Shinawatra being elected to power.
(Source: Journalisted)
Weekly high:
A new ad campaign for US burger chain Carl’s Jr from David&Goliath is as charming as it gets. A mechanical protagonist attempts to eat a chicken fillet, fails, gets frustrated and destroys the set with a laser. “Robots can’t eat it, so robot’s shouldn’t make it’, we’re told.
Weekly low:

News of The World hits headlines across the globe, loses advertisers by the print-run load, and damages News International’s reputation amid details of journalists hacking the phones of murder victims, and paying the police. Then the paper closes, while an announcement is made on the impending arrest of a former editor at the title (and David Cameron’s ex-director of communications). It doesn’t get much worse.
Battle of the Tweets: Manchester vs London vs Sydney
Top Manchester #tags (seven days to 7/7/2011)

#wimbledon    #mufc

#mcfc   #fourwordsaftersex

#manchester  #apprentice

#the apprentice  #teamhaye

Sport’s high on the agenda, and again there are only two teams in Manchester, while Nadal’s failure to secure another Wimbledon crown is also in the news. As is David Haye’s disappointing Saturday night fight, and, of course, The Apprentice.

Top London #tags (seven days to 7/7/2011)

#wimbledon  #apprentice

#fourwordsaftersex   #murdoch

#hacking   #fatpeoplenightmares

#lfc    #theapprentice

Tennis was always going to be one of the first things on every Twit’s lips, while the revelations emerging about Murdoch’s media empire were less predictable. On top of that, bizarrely, Liverpool FC also seems to be a subject the Londoners like.

Top Sydney #tags (seven days to 7/7/2011)

#quanda  #masterchef

#origin  #origin3

#auspol  #stateoforigin

#wimbledon  #sydney

#australialovesjustin   #canofworms

Wimbledon’s popular, no doubt because of that shared history with Britain. Other topics are trending too though, such as the forthcoming Origin III rugby series, immigration (#quanda) and, regrettably, a national love for Justin Bieber.

(Source: Trendsmap)
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