The Blagger's Blog- Amanda Holden, British Asian Network, Like our page or face eviction

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Quote of the week

“Erm… Yeah… I’m sure the horizon is always that wonky…”

One follower of Amanda Holden commenting on the image above, which she shared via Instagram, before fans accused the star of photoshopping her own body.

Weekly High

Extremely poignant, the latest clip created to promote BBC Asian Network says a lot, but really only has one message. We’ll let the ad do the talking in this instance.

Weekly Low

You know the deal- move into a new apartment, sign your contract, pay the fees, deposit and rent up front, then like the Facebook Page in order to avoid eviction. Sorry? Residents of a block of flats in Utah were asked to do just that by the owners, and understandably reacted negatively. A statement by a law firm working for the landlord since confirmed this was not the case, it appears the request was issued without legal advice, which would not have allowed it to go ahead as it is illegal, and there were so many negative reviews posted on Yelp as a result of the misguided decision the respective page had to be closed down temporarily whilst admin tried to figure out what was happening. D’oh.



Stories to keep an eye on

Instagram has launched a new campaign highlighting the lack of diversity in the fashion industry- look for the hashtag #RunwayForAll.

According to Radio 2 presenter, Paul Gambaccini, the BBC is ‘the worst employer of all’.