The Blagger's Blog – Kim v Kourtney, don't be a GIF, England's PR fail, Eurosport at Wimbledon

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Quote of the week

“I [email protected] hate you.”

Kim Kardashian screaming at sister Kourtney during a stint on the Tower of Terror at Disneyland

Weekly high

Travel booking website Kayak has come up trumps with its latest advert, which tries to encourage people to make the most of the world around them and avoid living in perpetual repetition, GIF-style.

Weekly low


Whilst England may still have a fair shot at making it out of the group stages and into the last 16 at the Euros in France, which is great news, so far the tournament has been an outright disaster for the team’s PR. Running battles in Marseille with Russian supporters, local gangs and police; and further scenes of major unrest in Lens in the last few days have once again labelled the Three Lions as troublemakers.

Stories to keep an eye on

Social media has now overtaken TV as the news source of choice amongst 18-24 year olds, with 28% surveyed saying they learn about current affairs through Facebook (the most popular), YouTube (second), Twitter (third) and similar sites.

Eurosport will become the first commercial broadcaster in British history to be given the green light to run live Wimbledon coverage alongside the BBC.

Just in case you missed us

This week we’ve been offering an insight into everything you ever wanted to know about influencer marketing (but were too afraid to ask). Consider class in session then.