The Lynx Effect

This week saw Lynx launch its new Facebook game where you try to bed….sorry I mean release Kelly Brook (a fallen angel). Now I’ll be honest I was really interested in this game when I heard about it. When I read about it in a national newspaper on Monday I immediately logged on and ‘liked’ the Facebook page. However here was my first bit of disappointment – although the media coverage claimed all you had to do was log on now to play the game, when I did it wasn’t working there were just a few pictures of Kelly Brook as an angel.
Anyway after waiting a couple of days it did eventually become live and so here’s my short review.
It starts with a nice video introduction involving a trio of girls (if I was being overly critical I’d say that the group were distinctly average – they certainly weren’t stunning but neither were they hideously ugly). Anyway the first bit of personalisation occurs now as during the video you see friends profile pictures flash up and the girls claim that <enter name here> poked them…
The game then becomes little more than a mere question and answer game (I don’t think the answers matter really)! Eventually after playing for about 10 minutes and answering a selection of utterly random and pretty boring questions you free Kelly from her prison at which time you’re allowed to select an outfit for her to wear before a final cut-scene plays. I’ll be honest part of the highlight of the game was seeing Kelly Brook longingly holding a photo of me (see below).
In all honesty it’s a nicely executed game but unfortunately too long and coupled with the lack of any actual competition mechanic so I wont be going back to play it again. One thing that does deserve credit however is the personalistion, from seeing friend profile pictures and names to being able to type in your post code for your first date with Kelly.
I’d recommend you go and have a look and while you’ve got some free time why not also try out the Panda Liquorice Blocks Game – it’s kind of Tetris crossed with Jenga and is pretty addictive so be warned!