The power of hindsight

Last Friday we were all very excited about the Bank Holiday, and left you with a treat in the form of details about a lovely new Samsung advert. Well, it’s nearly Saturday again on Mount Street, and at the risk of repetition it looks like the week is going to end on a similarly Madison Avenue note.
Being a prevalent social media public relations agency we understand reputations are precious, and in the modern world it’s not the company that controls things- the public have all the power. That means you need to tread carefully to keep them onside. It’s logical to presume Cadbury know this, given the brand usually gets the gorilla, selection of giant charity shop clothing, and nostalgic soundtrack right,¬†making for memorable marketing.
Not this time though. People won’t forget it in a hurry, but for all the wrong reasons as the chocolate company failed to spot any potential for offence to be caused by comparing a certain supermodel to a bar of Dairy Milk Bliss. “Move over, Naomi, there’s a new diva in town” reads the tagline, with the implied reference to Ms. Campbell’s somewhat eyebrow raising behaviour and public persona being overshadowed by unintentional racism.¬†The Guardian reported today that campaigning group Operation Black Vote have branded the scandal “an insult”, and Cadbury has officially apologised. Apparently the Advertising Standards Agency has received four complaints, and may launch a full investigation. So, let’s repeat the mantra one more time then… look properly before you leap.