This year's X Factor twist…

The X Factor has revealed a series of twists for this year’s competition, letting the public vote on Twitter to help decide which category each judge will mentor.
This is the first time the ITV talent show will be letting viewers vote via a hashtag, with the name of the judge then the category for example, #CherylGroups. Voting will open during the first show on Saturday, with the judges doing their own campaigning and interacting with their fans on social media. During the Bootcamp stages of the show, the results will be announced at Wembley Arena.
Using social media and introducing live judges’ houses are all part of X Factor’s plan to out-rate rival Strictly Come Dancing. After 11 years on our screens, using social media is a fresh, new concept to the UK that we’re sure they’re hoping will to spark more interest in the show and reverse their ratings slumps in recent years.