UK's favourite entertainment websites revealed

The stats have been studied and the unique users counted. Our media-analysing friends at Hitwise have compiled a list of the 10 most visited entertainment sites open to UK internet users, as of the week ending September 11th.
With unusual entries and obvious names on the list it’s a mixed bunch that touches on gambling, film, TV and more. Have a read and let us know if you’re as surprised as we were not to to see Facebook or Twitter here, begging the question ‘what constitutes an entertainment website’?
1. You Tube– The original video platform continues to have Britain broadcasting itself, hosting works of amateur genius and appalling self indulgence alike.
2. BBC Homepage– Auntie’s online HQ remains the country’s most popular source of information on everything from celebrity scandals to politics.
3. BBC iPlayer– The first of the major TV on demand sites makes it impossible to miss any of the Beeb’s leading shows… for better, or worse.
4. SKY Sports- Though the leading subscription-TV service has removed its sports news from Freeview plenty of people continue to visit the site for free.
5. BBC Weather– Proof, if any were needed, that the UK’s oldest broadcaster still has a reputation for reliability, despite our unpredictable climate.
6. The National Lottery– More than just the numbers, with a host of online games and big money prizes it’s understandable why this URL is so popular.
7. SKY News– While trying to escape the monolithic BBC Britons voted with their mice, making SKY’s newsroom the second most prominent in cyberspace.
8. Flickr– There’s no shortage of photographic focused websites showing off the best in hobbyists and professional work, but this is by far the best.
9. Channel 4– Arguably the best commercial TV network in the country rightly earns itself a place amongst the most visited of all entertainment websites.
10. The Internet Movie Database– Looking for any fact related to any film ever made? By bookmarking IMDB you’ll never struggle with trivia again.