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Vegan PR agency

Vegan trends seem to emerge faster than you can say ‘no animal products’. But with so many opportunities to leverage coverage and activate campaigns, vegan brands need confidence that they’re investing in a vegan PR agency that won’t fixate on flash in the pan trends.

At Smoking Gun we have a celebrated history serving up exceptional vegan marketing campaigns for all seasons and a range of companies. Whether it’s a food PR client looking to launch a new product, or an ‘accidentally vegan’ firm that wants to reach a new audience, our social media, content, media relations and creative teams create full-service recipes for success, packed with innovative and unforgettable flavours.

A vegan PR agency that never resorts to bandwagons

Vegan marketing and PR isn’t something we just rustled up. Smoking Gun has a storied history in food PR, affording us invaluable experience in the sector overall, and specialist knowledge of both the vegan consumer market and the ethics and principles guiding many vegan brands. Belief systems which, more often than not, match our own; maximising sustainability, minimising negative impact and never compromising on quality.

A vegan marketing agency is for life, not just Veganuary

It’s vital that vegan brands deliver their vegan social media and marketing efforts at the most opportune moments. It’s even more important they work with a food marketing agency that can help plan calendars to remain one step ahead of the competition.

At Smoking Gun we deal in year-round support when our clients need it. So while rivals obsess over World Vegan Month and Veganuary, our team of vegan marketing masters understands those events are only part of the story. Hence helping our beloved vegan brands make a massive impact all year round.

Vegan brands

Vegan social media content doesn’t have to be vegan

OK, so clearly it does. But only to some extent. Without in-depth consumer research, social listening and brand monitoring it’s impossible to know what vegan social media activity will work. Relying on guesswork should never be an option.

It’s what Smoking Gun calls ingenious insight, and we are recognised by the industry for the way we put this to use.

Our team can build a 360-degree picture of any target audience, learning likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests to ensure your vegan social media content is anything but dry.

What else would you expect from an award-winning vegan PR agency?

Serving vegan brands to a carnivorous press

Dealing with print, broadcast and digital press remains a mystery for many companies that approach us, whether they are vegan brands or not. But we have decades of collective experience in PR, simplifying the process of navigating this fast-paced and ultra-demanding side of the marketing mix.

With exceptional contacts and connections, and crucially, an understanding of what makes an engaging story, we create unique client campaigns linked to new and ongoing vegan and wider food trends.

Enough to satisfy the insatiable appetite of any newspaper, magazine, website or radio station. Just ask the firms we’ve bagged global headlines for, catalysing conversations that convert into real customer action.

Not everything meat free is ethical, but this vegan PR agency is

It’s a falsity that veganism automatically means a finely-tuned moral compass. But when it comes to ethical codes of conduct our track record speaks for itself.

Smoking Gun is committed to corporate social responsibility, transparent practice and projects that have a tangibly positive effect on society and the world around us. This includes the delivery of clear, easy-to-understand results, giving you real proof of ROI, alongside charitable undertakings and annual profit donations.

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