Verdo Renewables appoints Smoking Gun and Madhouse

In another fantastic result for everyone here on Mount Street a major force in a truly growing sector has chosen our communications expertise to help raise awareness amongst the British public, and added itself to our ever increasing homes and interior PR client list.
Verdo Renewables was impressed with the specialist experience of our team here at Smoking Gun, and sees our close friends at Madhouse Associates as the best choice for marketing and strategic planning, meaning together our two companies have just about all the angles covered. So we’ll be embarking on a joint campaign to educate and encourage trials of their briquettes for open fires, log burners, and multi-fuel stoves.
With two UK production plants already in existence, at Andover, Hampshire, and Grangemouth, Scotland, the company already occupies a major position in the market and we aim to make sure this grows. And as the benefits of switching to Verdo’s products include minimum ash, better value for money, longer burning compared to standard logs, low water content (and therefore a higher level of heat output), and home delivery we’re confident people will embrace the brand as this exciting campaign gets underway.