Wearable tech – a step too far?

We’re always on the look out for clever new technology to help us save time and create a more efficient team, but we’re not sure about this latest development from Japan.
When Google Glass goes wrong
‘Wearable eyes’ looks like it could be an early version of the latest hipster wearable tech offering, Google Glass. ┬áNot exactly unobtrusive – these clunky ‘sunglasses’ display slightly unnerving virtual eyeballs – to allow you to appear friendly, engaged and awake in social and work situations.
So… in a nutshell, Japanese scientists think it might be too taxing for some people (teachers and cabin crew specifically) to maintain a a happy facial expression for long periods of time – so lets just use some fake eyes instead! ┬áNothing weird about interacting with robot eyes is there?
See them in action:

We think it people struggling to maintain consciousness at work might be better off considering a career change!