What were the Best Royal Wedding PR Stunts?

So it’s a week since the Royal Wedding, which I’m sure everyone would agree was lovely (if not a little over played, as I’m pretty certain I may have accidentally seen it 3 times). However in the PR world much like the happy couple we’d been preparing for the big day for months, planning stunts and pitching ideas to clients to try and clinch vital media coverage around what was sure to become an over saturated market.
So lets firstly start with some of the best ideas or at least some of the ones that seemed to be the most popular:

T- Mobile’s Royal Wedding video
Pappa John’s ‘I Dough Pizza’
Or even the deluge – MerseyRail, Domino’s, Warwick Castle, London Eye etc. that offered couples called Will & Kate freebies from tickets to food.

Now being that we pride ourselves on being an fresh and creative PR agency we got ourselves and our client in on the Royal fever with this little stunt:

Yes, Greenhalgh’s created two 1.2 metre tall figures, one of William & one of Kate and they did a very special Royal tour around the region which gained some brilliant attention from the BBC and a full page front cover story!

So although I probably should end this blog on the high point of – ‘look at what amazing things have been done’, I’d like to plea, please can we now stop talking about the Royal Wedding this Account Exec has had enough (unless it’s about how stunning Pippa is)!