What's in a word?

We enjoyed this short in today’s Insider newsletter;

Life in a goldfish bowl
It’s that time of year again. The annual list of words that shouldn’t be used by the public sector has been published by the Local Government Association (LGA). Highlights among the 250 newly blacklisted terms are new words like “under-capacitated??? and “trialogue???, along with guff like “goldfish bowl-facilitated conversation??? (no, us neither). The LGA picked out Liverpool City Council as one of the authorities trying to turn things around, saying “it is considering changing job titles to help the public understand what staff do???. This stuff writes itself some times.

We all know plenty of people with job titles that even their own colleagues barely understand, never mind the public. If this waste of the English language really makes you hot under your collar, join the good folk at Plain English and start making sense again.